• Melissa McCloud Artist · Sculpture · Contemporary Art


    Melissa McCloud is really a visual artist and academic living and in the tri - state part of WV, OH, and KY. Born in 1977 in Seattle, WA, McCloud is surely an instructor at both Marshall University in Huntington, WV and Ohio University Southern in Ironton, OH. McCloud completed an MFA in Sculpture and Expanded Practices in 2013 from Ohio University as well as a BFA in both Photography and Sculpture during 2009 from Marshall University.

    Through Sculpture, Installations, and video, Melissa McCloud’s work seeks to spotlight the interconnectedness and fragility of life. Using bees as a literal and symbolic metaphor of life’s passages, McCloud’s work contains nuanced notions of both poisons and cures with an ethereal sense of spirit connecting all of it.


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